How to Make Your Erections Hader and More Satisfying

Want to impress your partner in the bedroom the next time you’re getting it on? Then you may be interested in getting a bigger, harder, boner.

This is the obvious way that a guy can make sex more pleasurable for a woman. It’s not possible to make your penis bigger but if you can make it harder and fuller, then you’ll find that the sex is better as a result.
So how do you do that?


The first way to make your penis harder is to think about the health aspect. In fact, the strength of your boners is a BIG indicator of your general health. If you’ve got a stiff stiffy, then it suggests that you have good circulation and high testosterone.
Losing weight, eating a healthy diet and working out will help you to do all those things. You can also boost your circulation further with a number of nutrients and dietary supplements. Anything containing nitric oxide is a good bet, so try adding some garlic the next time you’re cooking! As for testosterone, one of the best ways to raise this is to reduce stress.

Sex Toys

A number of sex toys are designed specifically to help you get a bigger and firmer penis. One of the best examples of this is the cock ring. This is a small ring that you slip over the base of your penis and which restricts bloodflow. You’ll find that blood still flows into the penis just fine but it doesn’t flow out so easily. The result is that your penis will quickly get larger and harder and that will increase your sensitivity too. Better yet, many cock rings also come with added features like vibration or ribbing to make the sex more pleasurable for you both.

Another option is to use a penis pump. Penis pumps do just what you would expect: you place them around your penis and push in order to create a seal and then you pump on the handle in order to remove the air and thereby draw more blood into the surface. It’s important you don’t overdo this but if you get it right, then it’s a great way to get bigger, harder and more into the moment.


And guess what the last tip is? Just be into the sex. The more turned on and the more in the moment you are, the more you will find that your penis swells. Take your mind off of work and focus on seeing the sights!