Little Things You Can Do to Make the Next Time You Have Sex More Interesting

There are countless articles and posts out there that talk about how you can ‘inject some more passion’ into your sex life or ‘try new things’.

But you don’t need to be desperate in order to want to give something new a try. If everything is going perfectly well in the sack, you may still want to spice things up from time to time and not all of the ways you do this need to be exotic or bizarre.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference and just by changing one or two things, you can make your next night of passion all the more memorable and unique.

Here are some examples and ideas…

Use a Mirror

Do you ever watch porn and wonder why it looks so much sexier than when you have sex?
Part of the answer is down to the strange sexual positions and camera angles that the stars are subject to. Very often, the pair will be barely touching and certainly not hugging or caressing. The simple reason for this is that it allows the camera to show the bodies and the faces of the actors more.

Your partner likely won’t want to have sex without really touching (it’s not that romantic) but if you bring a mirror into the action, then you can enjoy getting a different view on the action all the same. And it’s very sexy.

Use a Sex Toy

This again doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering, but buying a new sex toy or even perhaps something like a more interesting lube is a great way to share a new experience together. And the great part is that choosing the item together is all part of the fun and will help to create anticipation and excitement.

Do it in Another Room

Again, this isn’t exactly a life changing revelation, but simply moving your coital activities to the spare room or the kitchen is a fun way to make it a little more memorable and to help it stand out. What’s more, is that you never know what props and ideas might come to the fore when you’re there!

Likewise, changing position can also be a little more interesting when you’re changing the environment along with it. What about doing each other propped up on the stairs for example? Or how about standing up in the shower?