What’s Better: Sex With a New Partner, Or Sex With Your Wife?

Here’s a question: is it hotter to have sex with someone entirely new? Or is it better to have sex with a long-term partner?

For many people, an answer will already be forming in their mind and most of us have an opinion on this matter one way or another. But of course the truth is that both kinds of sex have their advantages and both have their downsides. Let’s take a look at the difference and see if the grass is greener on the other side.

New Partners

The biggest benefit of sex with a new partner is the sheer, electric excitement. Sex with someone new is like unwrapping a Christmas present when you don’t know what it is yet. You probably don’t know what she looks like under those clothes yet, you don’t know what kind of things she’s going to be into and you don’t know how passionate, how generous or how noisy she will be yet either.
In fact, it’s in the bedroom that you really realize just how different people really are. And that moment when a new partner does something completely exciting and unexpected is a really amazing one.

The reality is that it will never be quite like this again. Even the second time you have sex, you now know what to expect and some of that mystery, build-up and anticipation is gone.

Old Partners

But that is not to say that there aren’t unique benefits to having sex with the same person for years either.
The most obvious advantage here is that you have had time to get to know one another. You will know what each other likes and you’ll have that comfortable familiarity to actually try new things.

Let’s face it, if you bring a woman home and then get out a strap-on for her then she’s probably going to laugh at you or run a mile. But with your existing partner, you can feel much safer admitting your… specific… preferences and exploring new places. It’s less awkward when you have sex with your current partner too. Because let’s face it, sex with new people is a little awkward. Do you stay or do you go? What if there’s no conversation?

And of course with new partners all that mystery can end up biting you in the ass too. She might be great in the sack, but she might also just lie there. And then call you 216 times the next day…