The Top Sex Toys to Try Bringing Into the Bedroom

Sex toys deserve more attention. A lot of people seem to regard sex toys with suspicion, as though they are going to jump out and bite them or something. But the reality is that a sex toy is nothing but a tool to facilitate a more exciting sexual experience. Think of sex toys as experiences. Each one is an experience for you and a partner to share together and each one can make your next encounter all the more memorable and take you to different places.

With that in mind then, you might want to consider trying something new from our store the next time you’re looking to mix things up a little. Let’s take a look at some of the best sex toys out there, starting with the basics.


Dildos are sometimes referred to as being the ‘classic sex toy’. When you picture a sex toy, a dildo is likely what you picture!
Now a dildo is obviously more aimed at women than men (though not entirely, it all depends on what you’re into!) but that doesn’t mean that the guy can’t enjoy bringing a dildo into the bedroom all the same. This is a great way to pleasure your partner and when she feels good, you’ll feel good!

Plus, you never know what you’re going to get in return…


A fleshlight is the male equivalent of a dildo – essentially a tube with a lubricated hole in it that you can place on your dick. This is again something that can be enjoyed alone, or that your partner can use to give you a great handjob. It’s a win for her too, as she doesn’t need to get messy!


Vibrators are another example of a pretty ‘basic’ sex toy, but they do come in a range of different varieties. You have the vibrating dildo for instance but you also have the ‘magic wand’ which makes it easier to reach into different angles and you have the clit stim which is a small, compact device used to vibrate directly on and around the clitoris.

Vibrators can actually be fun for you both at once if the woman uses a clit stim or magic wand while she’s being penetrated!

Cock Rings

Cock rings are small rings that wrap around the base of the penis in order to trap blood there. Blood will still flow into the penis but will remain there making it harder, longer and more sensitive. This is another example where everyone gets to win!