Cock rings

A cock ring is a sex toy that can heighten pleasure for both the guy and the woman and take your sexual experience to entirely new heights.
Tired of the same old, same old? Finding that your sex has somewhat lost its luster as you’ve gotten older? Or perhaps you just want to try turning things up a notch and have a night of passion that you will never forget!

Whatever the case, a cock ring is guaranteed to make for an incredible experience that leaves you BOTH gasping for more.
So: what exactly does a cock ring do? Simple: this is a small piece of HARDware designed to restrict bloodflow in and out of the penis. This encourages blood to build up and that means a rock hard erection that everyone can appreciate.

Guys! Try experiencing a cock ring and you’ll find that sensitivity goes off the charts. You’ll enjoy an orgasm like none you’ve ever felt and the journey to get there will be twice as pleasurable.

Not only that, but you’ll feel like a stud with a bigger, harder cock that leaves her begging and moaning. This isn’t just a boost in size and stiffness, this is a massive boost in confidence!

Women of course get to benefit from penetration from their partner like they’ve never felt before. They’ll feel full to the brim with their partner’s newly engorged shaft and that’s a feeling that has to be felt to be believed.

Cock rings are perfectly safe and healthy and come with a wide variety of extra accessories – from vibrating mechanisms to additional stimulation. Take a look through our selection and you’ll find a wide range of exciting sex toys that can enhance your pleasure and make you feel like a hero in the sack.