How to be More Confident at Picking Up Women in Bars

On this blog, we talk a fair amount about how you can enjoy better sex life with your partner, or perhaps with a selection of partners. We’ve looked at sex toys but also at different techniques, ways to spice things up and tips for helping both parties to enjoy themselves more.

We should get a medal really…

But what if your issue isn’t with how things go down once you’re in the bedroom, so much as getting women there in the first place?
Let’s take a look at what you can do about that…

The Problem With Picking Up Women

The best place to pick up women, other than the web, is still in bars. The only problem with this is that it takes an immense amount of confidence to do this. And when you try to fake confidence but don’t have it, it can really blow up in your face. The issue is that a lot of guys aren’t sure what confidence should look like on a man. Pickup and dating sites will tell them to try putting women down, or approaching them with brazen lines.

The reality is that this just makes you come across as a) seedy and b) a creep.

But being confident doesn’t have to mean being an ass. In fact, if you can act confident and friendly, then you will appear sexy as well as being a safe person to spend time with and someone that women actually want to spend time with.

Putting Theory Into Practice

That’s all good and well, but what does this actually mean in practice?

Well, the next time you head to a bar, try picking up women by flashing them a big confident smile. If the woman smiles back, then you’ve got a shot. If not, then you haven’t lost face because you’ll just look like you were being friendly.

From there, go over and chat to her but chat with her friends too. Be confident but be charming, make jokes, buy people drinks and mingle your groups. Show that you’re confident around other people but also fun to be with.

Right there, you have just made yourself more attractive than 99% of guys. If you can dress the part and you look half decent, then you’re in with a pretty good shot of hitting a home run!