Penis pumps

The penis pump is one of the most daunting looking sex gadgets out there… but boy does it work wonders!

This is a tool that’s all about creating a little bit of a vacuum so that you can experience what it’s like to have a bigger, harder and more triumphant penis for a while. That means much more sensitivity and pleasure for you and of course a far more exciting and satisfying night for her!

To use a penis pump, simply fit the tube around your penis and then begin to squeeze the handheld pump. This will remove air from the chamber which should be pressed up against you to create an air-tight seal. Creating a vacuum like this will then cause the blood to rush into your penis and to fill it right to the edges and you’ll be able to see it getting bigger and harder right before your eyes.

And all the while, that extra blood is going to make the sensitivity greater than ever before. Suddenly, you’ll feel like a porn star with a massive penis that she will be gagging to have a go on. It’s going to feel amazing for you – not only because of the heightened sensitivity but also because of just how great it feels to be bigger, girthier and rock solid. Who’s your Daddy?

And for course this is also a great way to ensure your woman’s pleasure. Give her the kind of sex she’s only ever read about in her Daniel Steel novels and make sure she wants to keep coming back time and time again.

Ah, science. You’ve got to love it!

All our penis pumps have been chosen for their safety, their comfort, their effectiveness and their all-round quality. Oh and they’re affordable too, so what are you waiting for?