It’s time we got a bit wet in here!

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your sexual pleasure and enjoy a smoother ride, then look no further than our MASSIVE selection of lubricants, replete with different flavors, sensations and more.

We’ve got a wide range of super slippy lube produces that can help you to slide inside with a little more ease and grace. The feeling of absolutely zero friction is one that you can both enjoy because at the end of the day, it means you can go harder and faster and that’s when things really heat up.
But that’s not all our lubes are for. You may have noticed that our cave of wonders is a pretty darn good place to pick up sex toys, ranging from dildos and vibrators to S&M gizmos and more. Well a whole bunch of these work a lot better with a little lubrication, so that’s another good reason to keep this in your supply.

Lubricants are also a great choice for those that are struggling to get things going. If you’re a little older, if you’re on meds or if perhaps you live in a desert… then you might not be able to produce as much fluid as you need for the perfect experience. Never fear – our lubricants are here and can make sure that everything works just as it should for the most intensely pleasurable sex of your life. It’s like being 21 again…

Of course, for those that suffer from rashes and other reactions we have extra-safe water-based lubes too.
Or heck, maybe you want something a little more ‘unique’. We’ve got lubes that will add a little flavor, add a little spice or tingle in ways that words can’t quite describe. Or if you just want a nice massage? Well then we’ve got lubes for that too! It’s not all about sex you know.