How a Penis Pump Works

Penis pumps are devices that you can use in order to make your penis look and feel bigger. It will be longer as well as wider and more important, the erection will be stiffer and firmer.

This all equates to better sex for everyone involved. For her, it means being penetrated by a harder, fatter member. For him, it means greater sensitivity and a massive boost in confidence that can come from feeling yourself get larger.
But what is this black magic? How can a pump make your penis bigger? And is it safe? Read on and we’ll take a closer look at how penis pumps work and how you can use them to your advantage.

The Basics

As you are probably aware, a penis needs to fill with blood in order to become erect. When you are aroused, your body will increase your heartrate and specifically send all of that blood down to your penis. This will cause it to get larger and harder and this is what makes sex possible and also enjoyable for both parties.

There are no muscles in the penis and there is no bone. The change in shape is entirely to do with blood, which means that more blood = a larger erection!

The Science

Essentially, a penis pump works by creating a vacuum. To use the pump, the man must place it firmly against his crotch so as to create a seal where no air can get in order out. The pumping action will then extract air from within that seal and lower the pressure.
As you may remember from science lessons at school, gas and liquids will always attempt to equalize. That means they’ll spread out roughly evenly in order to fill the space they’re in. That’s why you get sucked out of a plane if the door opens – the air pressure at altitude is very low, while the pressure is normal within the plane. When the container is opened, the air rushes out to spread out evenly.

This then means that when you create a vacuum around your penis, the blood will attempt to equalize the pressure by spreading out to fill the pump. Fortunately, your skin is in the way to stop that from happening (otherwise it would be a little gory) and thus what happens instead is that more and more blood rushes to the penis and engorges it.
Your skin is very thick and very tough, so this is completely safe and healthy. But it also leads to a good time for everyone involved!