How to Get Your Partner to Consider Bringing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Sex toys can really spice up your relationship and give it a whole different angle. Toys let you pleasure each other in completely new and exciting ways and to feel sensations that you simply wouldn’t be able to feel any other way. But at the same time, sex toys can also be a little daunting for those who haven’t tried them before. Many of us think of sex as this sacred, intimate time and the thought of bringing machinery into the mix is rather unsettling!

Of course, the reality is sex is about having fun and exploring your partner’s body – and toys are just another way to do this!
So, the question then becomes: how can you get your partner to ease up to the idea of using sex toys if they are likely to be hesitant at first?

Start With Something Gentle

How do you define a sex toy? In reality, it’s not that easy to define. If a condom isn’t a sex toy and lube isn’t a sex toy, then how is that a million miles from a penis sleeve? This slightly unclear definition means that if you’re savvy, you can find a ‘gateway’ toy to help warm your partner up to the whole idea. A great place to start is with a flavored lube, or a lube that will make things a little more interesting with some tingling sensations.

Another relatively ‘gentle’ option is something like a blindfold, or a pair of furry cuffs. And what you’ll find is that once your partner has accepted this idea, it’s much easier to get them to consider something a little more kinky still. How about some dick lick? Or a clit stim?

Speaking of which, a clit stim is much more likely to go down well (no pun intended) than a big throbbing dildo. If your partner is sensitive to this subject, then pick things that look a little innocuous and not too threatening! You can always build up as you go…

Be Considerate

While a gentle introduction into the world of sex toys is normally a win, you still need to be considerate and thoughtful throughout this process. If your partner is showing signs of reservation then don’t force the issue – it’s up to them if they want to proceed.

And anyway, just because they don’t like the idea of one thing, you may be surprised at just what else they’re willing to do!