How to Look Good Naked for Your Partner

Guys are very visual creatures. We know this to be true: after all, it’s the reason that most of us enjoy porn so much!  The fact of the matter is that we like women to look sexy and we like to see the looks on their faces when we’re going to town. But what about women? Women on the whole are a little less visual when compared to us males and they instead tend to enjoy things like the sound of our voices and the intimacy that comes from a great night of passion.

But that’s not to say that you can just let it all go. After all, if you want your lady friend to wear that lacy lingerie and lipstick, isn’t it only fair that you look the part too?

I’m not talking about becoming ridiculously over-groomed – I’m talking about understanding what a woman wants to see in her man and then making sure you tick those boxes. So how do you do that?


Of course, one of the things that women like to see most on a guy is muscle. Now she may tell you that she doesn’t care if you’re muscular or not but I’ve got a newsflash for you buddy… she’s lying!

Truth is, women like muscle. But that doesn’t mean you have to become the Incredible Hulk and start spending hours upon hours in the gym. Just tone down on the body fat so that the muscle you do have will be visible and then focus on training the body parts that make the most visual difference. For women, that means arms and abs!


This is another big question and not one that we can answer for all women. Again, everyone is different! Suffice to say though, that a little trimming under the armpits will often be appreciated and you should certainly take care of your facial hair. Try to learn what she likes in terms of chest hair and beards and definitely get rid of any stray nose hairs!


This is something a lot of guys never even consider, but taking care of your nails is mega important. This is a small kind of grooming that shows you care about your appearance and that you know how to look after yourself. Those are sexy traits for a woman, so stop biting and start moisturising!


Finally, it’s time to throw out those old, moth-eaten boxers. Just because she hasn’t said anything yet doesn’t mean she finds them a turn on… she’s being polite!