Guys are supposed to be the ones that are ‘obsessed with sex’ and yet it’s women who have all the fun with their dildos and their vibrators. When are guys going to get in on the act?

If you’re a guy, you enjoy sex and you want to give yourself incredible pleasure on-tap, then you owe it to yourself to try out our fleshlights!
The idea of fleshlights is simple. These are synthetic pussies that you can hold in your hand and enjoy at your own pace. They’re soft on the inside but tight enough that they will completely envelop your penis for 360 stimulation. This is like having sex with a tight and moist woman whenever you want it and the best part is that every experience is slightly different! We have fleshlights to simulate oral sex, anal or good old vaginal. Each one has a different balance of softness, tightness and other tricks to make for some incredible experience that you just have to try.

Some of our customers even say that some of these fleshlights are better than the real deal!

Fleshlights are endless fun on their own then but they’re versatile too! Fleshlights are a fantastic sex toy to bring into the bedroom, giving your partner whole new ways to make you feel incredible while you lie back and relax. They’ll be able to give you a handjob like never before and you’ll be sure to find your own ways to thank them!

You can also get even more from our fleshlights by combining them with the wide range of different lubes that we sell. These will make sloppier, wetter and give you a whole range of new tingly and exotic sensations. Who knew that solo sex could be THIS good? (We did!)